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IOIbadah is your daily companion in your ibadah, offer most complete features to answer every muslim needs. Record five main obligation as a muslim, remain shalat, see the progress of your tilawah, keep motivated for your shaum, use your time for learning islam and compare your target of your shadaqah.


Track your ibadah right from your hand by using your mobile phone as a device to bring you closer to Allah. IOIbadah is the easiest and the most complete mobile app for muhasabah. The features help you track your daily ibadah.


As the most comprehensive shalat record this far, it reminds you to do your shalat early, jamaah, and motivates you to do your shalat in masjid by giving badges from IOIbadah.


Show your Tilawah Target and see the progress day to day


Point how your Shaum for a year, and watch for your uncompleted Ramadhan shaum in one page


Record your learning in islamic matter to expand your Islamic knowledge


Record how much you spend yours for religious purpose and see the comparison with your target


Record your debts and your credit, so you can manage them better and won’t miss any of it. Don’t let your debt become a burden for you or others later.

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Discover how IOIbadah is able to accompany you in your ibadah, find more in tutorial video.

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How it works

How does IOIbadah help assist you to be a muslim called Kaffah? Here are advantages you are attainable by IOIbadah’s helps.

I can review how often I went to masjid for shalat jamaah within a week.

By using shalat tracker, you can record the time and place of your shalat; so you can see how you've been doing your shalat : was it mostly in mosque, with jamaah, and on time, or still munfarid.

More motivated to give shadaqah, because I can set my target and review my progress.

Spending in Allah’s ways is the target of each muslim to get Allah's ridha. By recording your shadaqah in IOIbadah, you can monitor how much of your wealth you've spent for your akhirat.

More motivated to do tilawah

There are many benefits from reading and comprehending Al-Quran. Recording and finding out each progress you have been done in reading help you reach your target to read through to the end.

Fastabiqul khairat to boost your spirit of ibadah, use IOIbadah in challenge mode, or evaluate and improve your ibadah privately in muhasabah mode.

Two modes can be freely chosen; either making use of IOIbadah in challenge mode to motivate you doing better Ibadah or privately evaluating and improving your Ibadah in Muhasabah mode.

Utilizing your spare time by learning more about Islam

Occupying yourself with useful things is what Rosullullah had always been done. IOIbadah provides Islam study videos which can be referenced to increase your faith either in free time or targeting it.

No more doubts about the last Ramadhan, the obligation to make up your missed shaum is already done.

Record missed Ramadhan shaum so it's easier for you to keep track how many days you still have to make up.



IOIbadah companion application to input Masjid data, you can download and participate in completing masjid data to use by IOIbadah Application.

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IOIbadah is the collaboration between entities that cares about self-development in each muslim, for IOIbadah always tries hard to accompany every muslim to be close to Allah.